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MillRight CNC M3 Kit with upgrades

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MillRight CNC M3 Kit with upgrades
CAD $975.00

Availability: Out of Stock

MillRight CNC is making desktop CNC affordable. Mill wood, plastics, PCBs, and even aluminum.



Standard Features:
Laser cut, anodized aluminum bearing plates
V slot rails on X&Y axes with acetal V wheels
Linear rods on Z Axis with linear bearing blocks
CNC routed MDF frame
High torque NEMA 17 stepper motors
Steel motor mounts for the X & Y
9mm fiberglass reinforced GT2 timing belts
Mechanically advantaged belt driven Z Axis for fast lifts
Space efficient moving bed design (10.25"x10.25"x2" Working Area)
Pronged tee nuts in the bed for easy work holding
Generic Uno, USB controller board
Grbl compatible stepper driver shield and DRV8825 drivers
24V Volt, 120 Watt power supply

Optional Features (All are included): Black epoxy painting that is resistant to cutting oils and moisture. Homing switch kits that include 3 snap switches, switch brackets, hardware, and wiring. Wire splicing and connector crimping required with this upgrade. Rigidity kit including two extra V wheels for the X axis plate and three #10 threaded rods for frame stiffening.

NOT Included:
Router, router mount, work clamps, or end mills.

Software is not included, but everything you need is available for free. For full details check out MillRight's Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What materials can be cut with the MillRight CNC M3?
The MillRight CNC M3 can mill wood, plastics, printed circuit boards, and can even make light cuts in aluminum. It is important to note that this machine is for hobby and light prototyping use.

What is the cutting area of the MillRight CNC M3?
The MillRight M3 CNC has a cutting range of a little over 260mm (about 10.25 in) on the X and Y and 50mm (about 2 in) on the Z axis.

Does the MillRight CNC M3 require assembly?
If you buy a kit, then yes. We do sell assembled machines, however. The "Resources" page has the complete assembly guide. There is no cutting or drilling required and only basic tools are needed (screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, needle nose pliers, hex keys, etc). Just screw it together following the step by step assembly guide that includes DOZENS of pictures. Assembly can take anywhere from six hours to all weekend, depending on your experience and work pace.

What else do I need besides the M3 kit to start cutting?
The kit includes everything but the spindle, spindle mount, work piece clamps, and end mills. Assembled machines include every piece of hardware you will need to get started, however.

You can fabricate or 3D print your own clamps (if you have a printer). There are lots of clamp designs available online for free. Just Google "CNC clamp" or "Thingiverse CNC Clamp." In the most basic case, you can simply saw out a small, rectangular section of wood, drill a hole large enough for the #10-32 clamping screws (a quarter inch hole would do well) and you have a clamp!

Spindles and spindle mounts can be found at hardware stores, Amazon, eBay, and many other places online.

Endmills can be found by a Google search, Amazon, or eBay. If you find a "deal" on endmills for say, $10 for 10, run the other direction. Expect to pay between $3 and $10 each for a basic but acceptable quality 1/8th inch end mill and between $6 and $15 each for a decent 1/4th end mill. You can spend more or less depending on the material (HSS vs. Carbide) and geometry (flutes, shape, etc).

What spindles can I use with the MillRight CNC M3?
The Z Plate on the MillRight CNC M3 was designed to accomodate many of the popular spindle mounts, so you have several options.

We recommend a Dewalt DWP611 or Bosch Colt router with the Bosch Colt spindle mount from Inventables (Inventables part number 30329-04).

The 52mm diameter spindles that often come in 300w and 400w versions are another option. The most common 52mm spindle mount will bolt directly to the Millright CNC M3 Z Plate.

You can use many other routers spindles by fabricating or 3D printing your own mount. Inventables sells a "universal" spindle mount (Inventables part number 30278-02) that is a direct fit to the MillRight CNC M3.

See page 10 of the assembly instructions for a diagram of the Z Plate if you want to confirm fitment before you order a mount.

What is the M3 CNC made from?

The bearing plates are made from high precision, laser cut, 4mm thick 6061 aluminum that is black anodozied. The X and Y rails are aluminum V extrusions and the Z axis uses hardened chrome steel linear rods. The X and Y bearing wheels are acetal or polycarbonate and the Z bearings blocks are aluminum bodied with steel ball bearings. The moving bed is CNC routed from thick and rigid nineteen mm MDF and the frame is CNC cut from thirteen mm MDF. Corner braces are thick cast aluminum.

How do I "do" CNC?

CNC is a learning process, but MillRight CNC has basic tutorials on the "Resources" page to help you along. Basically, there is a "tool chain" that must be followed to take your idea to a finished piece. Luckily there are LOTS of FREE options available for your software tool chain.

First, the part is designed in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, such as MakerCAM, FreeCAD, AutoDesk Fusion 360, or Inkscape. Alternatively, you may find "flat files" such as those with extensions of "dxf" or "svg" files on vector design websites, or sharing websites such as Thingiverse. You can also use solid models such as those ending in "stp" or "step" format, but the toolpath generation might require a bit more skill.

After the part is designed, a CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) program such as MakerCAM, AutoDesk Fusion 360's CAM, or Inkscape's Gcodetools extension is used to generate "G Code" for the part. G Code just tells your CNC machine how it is to move in order to cut out or engrave your part.

The G Code file is "streamed" from your computer to your MillRight CNC machine by a G Code sender such as Universal G Code Sender or Grbl Controller. Again, check out our "resources" page for step by step examples on how to follow a tool chain to go from idea to awesome part, ready to use or display in no time!

Does the MillRight CNC M3 come with a controller board and other electronics?

Your kit will come with a generic Uno (modeled after the open source Arduino), a driver "shield," and DRV8825 based stepper motor drivers.

The control board runs a free (thanks to the generosity of the developer) open source motion control software called "Grbl." Your computer talks to this board over your USB port.You can also use another controller such as one to run Mach 3, but the setup that comes with your kit is proven to make great parts.

The machines also come with the motors and the power supply.

What is the Warranty on the MillRight CNC M3?
MillRight will replace any defective part within 90 days of shipping.

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