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PRINTinZ Replicator 2 Printer Plate

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PRINTinZ Replicator 2 Printer Plate
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PRINTinZ Replicator 2 Printer Plate


This Printer Plate is designed to fit on the MakerBot Replicator 2 standard build plate. This plate is intended to be clipped onto the existing acrylic plate that ships with the replicator 2 - it DOES NOT REPLACE the standard build plate. This plate has the same durable surface of the first design and can be scrapedThis new version has one white side and one black side to provide contrast with whatever filament you are using. All you have to do to remove your prints is slightly flex the build plate to loosen a corner and then complete the removal with one of your normally used tools.

As this build plate sits on top of your current build plate you will need to install a spacer that will trigger the Z endstop early. This will ensure your printer will be within the adjustment range for the build plate leveling springs. You can find the file for this on Thingiverse.

For more information- please visit PRINTinZ

For more details on using this build plate- please visit PRINTinZ Support

For clips to mount this plate to the build plate check out these clips on Thingiverse