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MakerBot Replicator 2/2X Wiring Bundle

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MakerBot Replicator 2/2X Wiring Bundle

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This Wiring Bundle for the MakerBot Replicator 2 & Replicator 2X will help you select any of the common cable sets you may need.

Please note if you are installing or replacing Motor or Endstop Cable Sets that are Revision 2 with Ferrites, be sure to also purchase an extension/jumper cable to ensure the X Motor/Endstop cable will reach along the standard path.

Price as configured: CAD $0.00



How to determine which version you need

The easiest way to determine if you need a revision 1 or revision 2 cable set is to look under the bottom cover of the printer. You will notice large ferrites on the wires mounted beside the Mightyboard if you require a Revision 2 Cable Set. Revision 2 Motor and EndStop cable sets will generally require purchasing a matching jumper/extension as well.

in the Top-Front-Right corner of your printer, you will notice the endstop and motor cable go from running along the top of the printer to down the side. Check within an inch or 2 of the corner and see if you can find any connectors on the motor or endstop wires. If you notice connectors, that means you already have an extension/jumper in place and may only need to replace the jumper if your issue is on the X axis.

Diagnosing your Motor & Endstop Cables

If you have been noticing some inconsistent stuttering or shifting of the print on the X, Y or Z axis, it is possible you require a new Motor or Endstop Cable set. To help determine if it is likely a Motor or Endstop cable that is required, take note of which direction your print may be shifting during printing. If the print is shifting away from an endstop, that generally means that your endstop or endstop wiring has issues. If the print shifts both towards and away from an endstop, it is more likely to be the Motor Wiring.

We do recommend ensuring your printer's belts are all properly tightened before replacing a Cable Set as loose belts can sometimes cause similar symptoms.

Contact us if you do have questions about which part you need to replace, or if you need help determining the version of your cables.