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Replicator 2/2X Belts & Pulleys

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Replicator 2/2X Belts & Pulleys

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These Replacement Belts and Pulleys for the MakerBot Replicator 2 & Replicator 2X are exact replacements for a worn out or damaged part.

If your X axis belt won't tighten, you may actually require a replacement Y Secondary rather than a belt as the Idler has likely worn a groove into the Y Secondary on the left side of your printer. If this is the case, purchase the Y secondary, some grease and a replacement X Idler.

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These belts are compatible with both the MakerBot Replicator 2 & Replicator 2X.

These printers contain the following belts:

1 of X-axis Belt (424 Teeth)

2 of Y-Axis Belt (293 Teeth)

1 of Y-Axis Motor Belt (125 Teeth)


The Fairlock pulleys are the metal pulleys that mount to the X & Y motors as well as in the top corners of the printer to drive the belts.

The Idler Pulley mounts on the left side of the printer on the far side of the X belt from the X motor.

We recommend replacing the Fairlock pulleys if they can't tighten on the shafts, and the idler pulley if it is seized on the idler shaft. You can test the Fairlock pulleys by going into Utilities > Enable Steppers and then gently pushing the carriage around by hand and tracking down where anything slips.

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