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Remote Training

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Remote Training
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Thor 3D's onsite training is a great way to become familiar with using a 3D printer if you don't have any previous experience and are looking to learn the basics and the best practices for 3D printing. Our training is also great if you have a team that is already a little bit familiar with 3D printing, but you want to train them all on more advanced aspects of 3D printing.

Remote training is best done 1-to-1, but generally small groups will be fine as well. We recommend remote training when you are looking to learn specific content without having to pay the travel costs for us to come on-site.

We are able to do remote training over a number of platforms depending on your specific training needs, but some of the commonly used methods are Skype, Teamviewer and phone. If you have a preferred method let us know and we may be able to make it work.



This Remote training is booked by the half hour.

We can go over general training/lessons, or we can do custom training tailored to you and your team's specific needs and workflow. If you are looking for custom training, be sure to contact us so we can discuss your specific needs and decide what kind of content needs to be covered.

Travel costs are extra, please contact us for a quote on the travel costs to your location.

Contact us ahead of time to schedule a specific time.

We recommend between 2-3 hours for general training on how to use a 3D printer for a small group. This would cover the basics of setting up the printer and starting a print job with an already created CAD file. 

If you are looking for some basic training on some CAD software in addition to using the 3D printer, you will likely want 4+ hours of training.

For larger groups (5+ people), we generally recommend slightly longer training sessions to ensure everyone gets some hands on time with the printer.