Creating a 3D model from a 2D Image with 3D Slash

We have previously posted about the program 3D Slash. It is a very easy to use 3D modelling program and they just added some additional features. One of these new features allows you to use 3D Slash to take a 2D logo and convert it into a 3D model. At the same time they also added the ability to generate a 3D model of text that you choose. Both of these new features can be useful for creating a 3D model without having to start from scratch.

3D Modelling With Cubes Using 3D Slash

3D Slash is a new 3D modelling program that is both browser based and able to be used locally on a computer. It is built around the concept of providing Minecraft style 3D modelling with cubes. This makes it both very easy to pick up no matter the skill level of the user and also creates a very comfortable user experience. There are no hard to learn tools just simply adding and removing cubes. It even provides the ability to place a reference picture right on the face of an object. These features plus it’s ability to work with STLs you have created or found elsewhere make it a very powerful tool for novice users.

Thingiverse Jumpstart 3D Modelling Resources

MakerBot’s Thingiverse has just released Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a collection of resources on several easy to use pieces of software as well as the basics of how to use Thingiverse. These all combine together to provide a good framework for any user who isn’t exactly sure where to start their 3D printing journey. We have covered some of the same topics as Jumpstart, but it is always great to have multiple references when learning new technology and software.

3D Modelling with SketchUp

The first program many people have used when beginning to 3D model would be SketchUp. Compared to the other free programs it has been around for a long time and still is a relevant program. It is a fairly easy to use piece of software and is well documented because of it’s popularity. Sketchup has released a series of tutorial videos to help you learn SketchUp if you are brand new or need to refresh on the basic. There are also a variety of forums and groups that are happy to help with specific questions you may have about SketchUp. One thing to note about SketchUp is that although it can export STL files, some versions have a tendency to create non-manifold 3D models when they are exported. This can make them unprintable depending on the severity. With careful modelling this is avoidable but is definitely something to be aware … Read more