Thor3D Natural PETG 1.75 mm 1kg

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Thor3D Natural PETG 1.75 mm 1kg
This is a 1kg spool of Thor3d 1.75mm Natural PETG. This filament is our house brand and has been tested on the Replicator 2 for ease of printing and print quality.

PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) is a high strength transparent thermoplastic with excellent moisture and chemical resistance. It is great if you are looking to print a plastic with strength properties similar to ABS on your Replicator 2. It prints with a minimal odor and has low shrinkage so prints fine on a non-heated build plate.

This plastic does come on a different size of spool so using your standard spool holder will not work.

PETG plastic prints a lot like PLA plastic just at a warmer temperature. We found setting a Replicator 2 between 250C and 260C gave us the best results. You should only set your printer to these temperatures if you have an all-metal hot end. Contact us with any questions on compatibility.

Color may vary from spool to spool.

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